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GlossGenius Waitlist Feature

At Esthetics By Dawn, we understand the importance of convenience and flexibility when it comes to scheduling your appointments. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the GlossGenius scheduling system’s waitlist feature, designed to make your booking experience even more seamless and efficient.


               ☑️  Scheduling and waitlisting simultaneously

               ☑️  Planning ahead with three-month availability

               ☑️  Booking multiple appointments at once


Schedule and Waitlist Simultaneously

With the GlossGenius scheduling system, clients can now schedule their appointments while simultaneously adding themselves to the waitlist. This means that if an earlier appointment becomes available, you’ll be the first to know and have the opportunity to snag that more convenient time slot.

This feature not only ensures that you get the earliest possible appointment but also provides flexibility in case your plans change or you simply want to take advantage of a last-minute opening.

Plan Ahead with Three-Month Availability

Dawn’s online schedule is always available three months into the future, giving you ample time to plan your appointments accordingly. This advanced availability allows you to secure your preferred dates and times well in advance, making it easier to fit your esthetic treatments into your busy schedule.

Book Multiple Appointments for Maximum Convenience

To further enhance your scheduling experience, we recommend booking multiple appointments at once. This not only guarantees your preferred time slots but also eliminates the need to constantly check for new openings. By planning ahead and securing multiple appointments, you can ensure a consistent and convenient esthetic treatment routine.

Experience the Ease of GlossGenius Waitlist Feature

The GlossGenius scheduling system’s waitlist feature is just another way Esthetics By Dawn is committed to providing a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for our valued clients. So go ahead, book your appointments, add yourself to the waitlist, and let us take care of the rest. Your skin will thank you!

Experience the convenience of the GlossGenius scheduling system and the waitlist feature by booking your next appointment with Esthetics By Dawn today!

Scheduling Recap

  • Scheduling and waitlisting simultaneously for the earliest possible appointment
  • Planning ahead with three-month availability to secure your preferred dates and times
  • Booking multiple appointments at once for maximum convenience and a consistent treatment routine

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  • Martha
    May 23, 2023

    I would like to put my name on the list to see if I could be scheduled earlier than June 20 for my express hydra facial. Thanks


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