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Jet Plasma Device On Face

Jet Plasma Lift: The Revolutionary Skincare Rejuvenation Treatment That’s Transforming the Beauty Industry – Unveiling the Science Behind It All!

Unlock the Secret to Youthful Skin with the Latest Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Technology

Jet Plasma! This innovative treatment is taking the beauty world by storm, thanks to its unique ability to repair, regenerate, and tighten skin. But that’s not all – according to groundbreaking research by Munich University, plasma has powerful anti-bacterial properties that can wipe out acne, eczema, rosacea, and other skin problems. How does it work? Plasma is an ionized gas with electrical energy that stimulates collagen and fibroblast production, boosting the structural integrity of connective tissues.


Why Choose this Revolutionary Skincare Treatment:

While the science behind plasma technology in cosmetics may seem complex, the benefits are clear and wide-ranging. We selected jet plasma for its game-changing ability to improve overall skin health by neutralizing free radicals caused by everyday pollutants and eliminating harmful bacteria. Plus, plasma acts as a gateway for other skincare ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively 

Experience the Perfect Synergy in Skincare Treatments by Combining Jet Plasma with the HydraFacial Treatment

Best of all, this powerful treatment can be safely and easily incorporated into your regular skincare routine. Discover the full potential of skin rejuvenation with the Jet Plasma Lift – it’s the future, and it’s time to explore its power.


Benefits of Jet Plasma

Benefits of Jet Plasma

What is Plasma?

Plasma, which accounts for 99.999% of the universe (including the sun and stars), is recognized as the fourth state of matter, following solids, liquids, and gases. Even though it’s invisible to the naked eye, plasma is created by super-heating or subjecting everyday environmental gases to a powerful magnetic field. When gas atoms undergo ionization, they transform into charged ions and free electrons, generating a stream of plasma energy that promotes multiple regenerative healing effects on the skin’s surface, epidermis and dermis layers of the skin.


The Advantages & Impacts of Ablative and Non-Ablative Plasma

JET PLASMA LIFT (NON-ABLATIVE) = non-invasive, no Numbing, no pain, no downtime

PLASMA PEN, FIBROBLAST, LASER (ABLATIVE) = invasive, painful and significant downtime and discomfort


Unlike, the non-invasive, non-ablative Jet Plasma treatment, ablative hot plasma treatments (i.e., laser, fibroblast, plasma pen treatments) are a soft surgery method for skin resurfacing and treating aged skin, an alternative to more invasive eyelid reconstruction and face lift surgeries. While results are measurable, ablative procedures are typically painful and require more downtime, with visible initial skin markings that scab and fall away within a few days or weeks (in some cases these can cause scarring). For this procedure, plasma energy is generated between the device tip and the skin, creating a small electrical arc (plasma arc) that zaps a tiny section on the skin surface. The skin fibers contract, tighten and shorten, effectively removing excess skin and resurfacing aged or problem areas without the cutting or stitching required in a traditional surgery.


The non-ablative, Jet Plasma treatment is the new, cutting-edge option for painless and non-invasive plasma-based skin rejuvenation. Unlike ablative treatments, non-ablative Jet Plasma treatments are painless and have zero-downtime. They work by using controlled plasma-containing energy to target specific areas of the skin without causing damage. The energy, which takes the form of activated ionized gas, is delivered to the dermis skin layer in micro-pulses, stimulating the body’s wound-healing response and promoting the growth of new collagen.


Jet Plasma Before & After

Jet Plasma Lift – Before & After

Benefits of non-ablative Jet Plasma Lift treatments

1. Visible skin-tightening & anti-aging results

Active nitrogen and oxygen ions have the ability to penetrate pores and reach the deeper layers of the skin, catalyzing the regeneration of fibroblasts. This process stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles caused by photodamage and aging. Additionally, plasma technology enhances cell turnover, which strengthens skin elasticity and improves uneven skin tones and pigmentation.


2. Enhanced Absorption of Vital Skincare Serums, Peptides and Nutrients

(Excellent Synergy between Jet Plasma & HydraFacial)

Plasma technology rapidly energizes the epidermal cells of the skin, resulting in an increase in the skin’s hydrophilicity, or water-absorbing ability. Consequently, water-soluble substances such as vitamin B, vitamin C, and various peptides are more easily absorbed by the skin.


3. Reduces harmful bacteria and microbes from the skin’s surface

In a groundbreaking experiment it was shown that a brief 2-minute cold atmospheric plasma treatment resulted in a 40% reduction in bacterial load in plasma-treated wounds, regardless of the bacterial species. The energy emitted by plasma eradicates the cell membrane, DNA, and protein of bacteria residing in pores that cause prevalent skin issues like acne, allergic dermatitis, and eczema.


The greatest advantage of non-ablative cold plasma technology is its ability to benefit every skin type and condition. This innovative treatment can be safely, comfortably, and painlessly done in-office, without any downtime required.


Don’t miss out on this revolutionary treatment and the future of skin rejuvenation – book your appointment now and experience the full potential of the Jet Plasma Lift for yourself!  Or read the numerous reviews of clients who have already started their anti-aging journey with Jet Plasma!




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    December 19, 2023

    Hi Dawn:

    How long did the results last from the 3 jet plasma treatments in the featured client?

    I am considering ablative plasma treatment also, and would like to compare the longevity of the jet plasma to the ablative plasma procedure.


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